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Project Description

Through cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Sailing Club, we were able to achieve many distinguished successes in terms of attracting companies sponsoring the festival, as well as media and advertising promotion for the championship, which contributed to achieving the vision of the festival management and the endeavor to provide an appropriate environment for the other national institutions wishing to sponsor the championship for the coming seasons.

Spirit of Pakistan Team

Project Description

The idea of ​​establishing the first Pakistani team for Formula boats was an idea that came to my mind for a long time in order to develop relations between the two countries as well as seek to attract their national locals to practice in this new activities as well as support them towards the optimal promotion of the Pakistani tourism, which helped us achieve this through Cooperation with Mr. / Mohamed Ali - the owner of Star Contracting Company, where he supported the project and built a distinguished team that achieved many tournaments, especially by participating in the local Norwegian championship in cooperation with the Norwegian champion Frody Sundsdal, founder of the Sundsdale Marine Racing Team and the local organizer of the World Championship of Formula 2 boats for the city of Tonsberg

Al Tayar Team- Wooden Powerboat

Project Description

In cooperation with the founder of the Al Tayar team, Mr. Hazza bin Mohammed Al-Rubaya Al-Muhairi, we were able to promotes many local traditional events, especially the establishment of the Al Tayar team for the wooden boats, as well as sponsoring the fishing championship, which met with great success thanks to the fruitful cooperation with the Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club, where the idea contributed to highlighting on these sports and attracting various national local towards the practice of these heritage activities, which are considered one of the most important events that we must support including the media campaign through the various local and international media companies , as well as this idea contributed to a very large percentage of participants, thanks to the incredible support from The Al Tayat Team for the championship in general

Al Jazira Club

Project Description

We manage to support and promote the activities of Al-Jazira Sports Club from 2010 to 2017 in varyprofessionalway , we have contributeds many achievements, spicaly attracting Emirates Aluminum Company to sponsor the first football team for two consecutive seasons, as well as attracting the Premier Motor Group to sponsorthe club activities. We have also contributed to the management and marketing of the final match of the President's Cup ,and the team won the cup, as we contributed to the management and organization of the UAE Super Final  In the Republic of Egypt for the year 2017 and by that we have achieved many achievements and aspirations, which contributed to its continuation for a long period of realtionsip with the club.

Adimsc - Al Tayar Fishing Competition

Project Description

In cooperation with the Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club, we were able to contribute to the promotion of the traditional activities, especially the Emirates Fishing Championship, which was generously sponsored by the Sl TayarTeam, under the guidance of the sponsor and founder of the team, Mr. Hazza bin Mohammed Al Muhairi, where the championship become one of the most important heritage championships In the Middle East, as well as the richest tournament in the world in terms of the allocated financial prizes money, thanks to the continuous cooperation between the various participating parties, especially the Al Tayar team, the Abu Dhabi international marin sport Club , and the 2050 sports events marketing company

Al Wahda Football Club

Project Description

Through our establishment, we were keen on cooperating with distinguished institutions at the local level, especially in the field of football thanks to cooperation with Al-Wahda Sports Club, where we have achieved the most important deal in the club's history by attracting Emirates Aluminum Company to be the platinum sponsor of the club during the club's participation in the FIFA World CUP Championship which hosted in Abu Dhabi, 2009 - 2010, and with that, we were able, with our partners, to achieve the most important aspirations the representation of the United Arab emirates

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